Action and Motion Blur

Focal length; 55.00 mm


Focal Length; 39,00 mm

Exposure; 1/320 sec; f/20; ISO 800; Shutter priority; Pattern metering

i chose this picture because i like the way how the greatest basketball player in the NBA is guarding the best 3pt shooter in the NBA.

i like how the motion of how fast the car is going which this shot is called a rolling shot.

Focal length;


Focal Length;



the reason why i chose this picture because i like the way the picture is angled to follow how the car is turning and i like how the car looks.

focal length; 55.00mm

exposure; 1/640 sec; f/7.1; ISO 400; manual; pattern metering

image size; 5184 x 3456


An aperture is what controls the area over which light can enter your camera and it is a setting controls the area over which light can pass through your camera lens. Shutter speed controls the duration of the exposure and Also a camera’s shutter determines when the camera sensor will be open or closed to incoming light from the camera lens. ISO┬ácontrols the sensitivity of your camera’s sensor to a given amount of light and it determines how sensitive the camera is to incoming light. Similar to shutter speed, it also correlates 1:1 with how much the exposure increases or decreases.